Our Story

When we are asked what we do precisely, our reply is very clear: We buy and sell cars. We have been in this wonderful business since 1980 and have made it our own. It has become second nature to buy in bulk worldwide and then to sell it on. Seeing that we have been active in this field for four decades, we have established international contacts for many years of which both we as well as our business relations benefit every day.


Active Worldwide

In addition to our Dutch head office in Haaften, we also have a branch in Dubai, Story Auto Middle East. In this manner, we are optimally active worldwide and can remain the leading full-service market leader within the automotive sector. At Story Auto, we are dedicated to the maintaining of relationships, delivering on agreements and perhaps most importantly: rock-solid confidence.

At Story Auto, we strive for comprehensive customer care from A to Z. Therefore, we guarantee the entire buying and selling process.

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